[Adoption Post] Dumpling is ready for a forever home now!

Remember Dumpling was one of the cats caught on a glue trap in Novena Square 2?

She had a hard journey started even before then, and now, she is so much better, and will be even more soon.

After the trauma of being trapped in glue, she was a bit aggressive due to fear, but we managed to calm her down with supplements and care.

Scared but eventually opened up to humans

But then, she had persistent flu’ which led to sinus inflammation and then an abscess in her forehead. Some vets said it will likely recur throughout her whole life, but after speaking to our regular vet Dr Chong, she believed that if Dumpling’s flu’ recedes, the abscesses should not occur again. Her flu’ is now much better and is due for her final booster next week.

Dumpling, a bit shy, but playful

She will be due to be spayed next Friday as she has turned 6 months of age. During this time, her missing eye socket will be stitched up so it no longer is a hole that eliminates discharge. Then she will be truly a pretty cat!

She has been litter trained, free of fleas, mites and parasites, gets along well with other cats, reserved but willing to be held.

Playing with her foster sibling Jemmy

You will notice her pattern is a Siamese-cross breed, but we won’t be charging the adoption fee for a cross-breed kitten, instead just for a local kitten ($35) considering she is a special kitty.

Isn’t she pretty?

To adopt Dumpling, click here to find out our adoption process or see right side bar under How to adopt for all the information you need. Hear from you soon!

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