[Adoption Post] Elfie, a reserved kitten for an experienced cat owner


Pretty girl Elfie

Elfie was rescued during a TNR project at Eunos industrial estate. She was too young to be sterilised then but we don’t release cats that accidentally enter traps, because then it would be impossible to trap them again to sterilise. She was suffering from very bad flu’ and needed rehabilitation, so we we took her in. 

Her flu’ was quite bad, but even after she slowly got better and got used to us handling her, she remained very reserved. 

Elfie in her recovery suite

She can be held, but only by experienced cat owners who know how to scruff her, and massage her and hold her gently. Eventually she can even fall asleep in a human’s lap. She is just a very shy and reserved cat. And may hiss at you at first!

Elfie in a volunteer’s lap

Hence the need for her adopter to be an experienced cat owner who doesn’t mind reserved cats. She really is very pretty. We help her ease her fears with supplements and essential oils. 

Elfie the pretty tabby

She is very good with other cats, just not so much with humans. If you have other cats, she should get along with them very well. She has been seen cuddling and grooming her foster siblings. 

She is now about 7 months old (estimate) and already neutered. 

If you are an experienced cat owner who does not mind reserved cats, do consider adopting Elfie. You can find out how by clicking here or reading the right side bar under How to adopt.

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