2014 Q1 Financial Report

Here is our Q1 Financial Statement, showing donations incoming and expenses outgoing. 

 Based on our current budgeting, we need to increase our monthly income (donations, merchandise partnerships etc.) by $991.98. That’s virtually a thousand a month. We have a huge burden to carry. 

Will you help us? Our average donation size is about $100. 10 donations of that size will already help us make our target increase in donations per month. 

To donate, make a deposit via online banking or at an ATM/CDM to our bank account POSB savings 188-52652-7. If you wish to specify the donation to go to a specific Fund, let us know by emailing us.

We are also hoping for another goal, that is to set up our own Love Kuching Project bank account under our registered society status number UEN: T13SS0220G. But that means we need a opening deposit ot $3,000 to have such an account. You can see our current cash balance is only over a thousand. We want this registered society account not just so you can donate via cheques made out to ‘Love Kuching Project’ or have a chequebook ourselves, but because our existing account is actually personal joint account and we want to make our finances even more structurally sound, intergrity-wise. 

Our main income source still comes from donations from cat-angels like yourselves, not anything else. There is no better way for us to achieve our goals than through yourselves. 

If you cannot give, try sharing this post with friends, or pooling a source of money among your social contacts, or giving a smaller amount because if it is $5 we will still be as thankful as if it were $100, we just want to rally and increase our fundraising by a lot more. 

Help us, and we will continue helping the cats as we have, and increase in our care for them and in our outreach. 

Questions about the financial statement for Q1? Email Elaine at elaine@lovekuchingproject.org to ask, no question too “silly” where finances are concerned.

Current fundraising need: Make a pledge to our ER Fund.

Make a financial gift via a deposit to our POSB savings account 188-52652-7.  Find out more.    
Become a monthly giver to help ensure our rescues continue getting their needs met.    
Feed and provide litter to the cats we foster via our corporate sponsor The Water Dish.     
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