Adopt Jacqui, rescued from abandonment, rehabilitated from illness


Jacqui may look like a very ordinary white and tabby cat, but her personality is amazing. Let us tell you all about it.

Jacqui posing purr-ily

She is now about 15 weeks old, and was rescued from Tampines as an abandoned kitten with diarrhoea and cat flu’. While rehabilitating her from illness, we got to know her personally. She is so easy-going. Medicines? Okay, blech, but scruffing and syringing her meds was easy. She is also super huggable. After every medication dose we will hug her and she loves it.

“Wish this couch was your lap, human.”

After she got better, we realise she is not only affectionate, huggable, she is also super easy to befriend with other cats, and our Socialisation IC dog, Scotty.

Jacqui was comfy with a dog from the get-go

She is also now being penned with Lex, another rescue kitty for adoption, and she grooms him all the time. During play time with others, she is responsive and sociable, she respects the older foster cats too.

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See more pictures of Jacqui and other photos taken by Furry Photos for us here.

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