Another latest rescue Jaq, now named Jacqui

In a Tampines block someone abandoned a 3 month old kitten around the 20th of April, who was having severe diarrhoea and flu’. Jackson who lives in that block brought her over to the foster home as the diarrhoea was quite serious.

Because she was contagious we had had quarantine her. We also put a humidifer for her in her cat suite so she could breathe properly. 

She looks solemn but is really very sweet

We started her on metrogyl, to kill any protozoal infection in her tummy. We also brought a poop sample to the vet to just rule out any other bacteria causing her diarrhoea. Her runny poop subsided, and he were happy or her. Her flu’ though, is still giving her a wet sneezy nose, hence the quaratine continues as does the antibiotics. She also has yeast infection in her ears. Soon she can be vaccinated and play with her new foster siblings. 

She still on atibiotices for the runny nose but her eyes are clear of conjunctivitis. 

She is quite active now after gettting better


#pawcircle she can get out of quarantine soon!

Jacqui won’t be available for adoption yet until she is recovered and vaccinated. Watch our blog for a new kitty available for adoption soon!

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