Do you own a shop? Sell kitty themed things? Pet accessories? We want you!

If you click our blog shop link on top you will find merchandise partners who have pledged amounts of their sales to us. These sales make a great impact on our income and we are so grateful that people out there want to incorporate CSR / social entrepreneurship into their business. 

Well, if you haven’t joined us yet, become a merchandise partner for Love Kuching!

All you need to do is pledge a part of your sales/profits to Love Kuching, you can add our logo, and then when you have enough to make a deposit (it can be at any periodic amount you like) send us the funds to our account POSB savings 188-520652-7 and you can also request a receipt to be sent to you for filing, just give us your mailing address. Email if you need the receipts.

So, join us! Our only caveat is that, because we have a corporate sponsor who supplies pet food, you cannot be a pet shop that does the same business. (On that note we are hoping to go straight to distributors for further discounts, but that is another story.) Pet toys, customised accessories and such are not sold by our corporate sponsor but if you want to find out if there is any clash, search The Water Dish to see if they already have those items. This way we can minimise any conflict of interest. 

In fact you don’t even need to be selling pet supplies. ANY item you sell can be part of a social enterprise partnership with us. 

More questions? Drop us a line. 90880785 Elaine (call/sms). 


Current fundraising need: Make a pledge to our ER Fund.

Make a financial gift via a deposit to our POSB savings account 188-52652-7.  Find out more.  Become a monthly giver to help ensure our rescues continue getting their needs met.  Feed and provide litter to the cats we foster via our corporate sponsor The Water Dish.   Follow on us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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