Good News! Moca Is Now Jiro Because…

… his foster caregivers adopted him! Some of you may remember Moca from when he was rescued and brought to us. Our Treasurer, Vivien (shown in picture) offered to foster him as both Alvin and her work schedules will allow Moca’s 3 hourly feedings. 

Not only was Moca infinitely cute, e.g. this: 

I be cute

The resident kitties were also very open to having him around. Jay especially (also adopted from us) was very brotherly towards him

“Must take care the small one.”

Then Moca had a bacterial infection and needed some -more- care than his feeds.

Dr Dawn checking what happened to lil one

During this time the resident kitties became even more protective of Moca, the foster parents became more and more in love, and so, foster caregivers became adopters 😉 

Not every fostering scenario ends this way hor, so don’t be afraid to foster, in case you end up keeping the cat when you already cannot. Always never fear to rise up and foster.

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