Message from Elaine, in the middle of the night no less

When in doubt, blog, they say, “they” meaning nonprofit marketing gurus, and I read as much as I can of what they say. 

Then I read one that says, ” don’t be afraid to share your obstacles.” So here I am. 

This excel spreadsheet screen shot is my obstacle: 

It probably doesn’t make any sense to anyone, but it meant we have to raise nearly a thousand dollars more per month. How are we supposed to increase our fundraising? I am fine with living hand to mouth but our recent committee meeting has proven this is not the way to go. 

So, we have raised an average of $2,419.01 in Q1, and have to raise an average of $3410,99 per month in Q2. 

The only way I can get that to happen to is to build a marketing team, because online appeals alone are no longer going to work if we want to raise a thousand dollars more each month. 

But there are no leaders. Be it because of aptitude, or availability.

So it has to be me.

As Mother Theresa would say: don’t wait for leaders, do it person to person. 

This is of course causing me a lot more stress than usual and thus this blog post. I don’t think we can achieve this target but I will start trying, for I already am, by sharing this obstacle with you.

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