Whiskas, an Ang Mo Kio cat, arrived at Love Kuching on 13 June and passed away on 25 June. We didn’t have time to write a post about him before he left us, so here is a memoir for him.

He was emaciated and has skin problems and fur loss. We brought him to the vet. It turns out he was having the flu’, but a serious one, because he was FeLV positive. There was blood in his mucus and wheezing in his respiratory tract. His skin problem was an opportunistic bacterial infection due to his FeLV.

Our vet almost never says euthanasia at the start. But for Whiskas she was certain it would be much sooner than later. Nonetheless, we gave him last-ditch treatment: an antibiotics shot, fluids.

We bathed Whiskas with antibacterial shampoo often during his stay here, and he felt so much better after each bath, feeling clean. He even purred after one session of bathing. We gave him a humidifier to help him clear his nasal tract. We added antibiotics for flu’ into his food, and he actually ate! He ate happily every day. He especially enjoyed Taste of the Wild dry food and canned food with gravy. He would meow if he was hungry.

This was the status quo, and then suddenly, one day after eating happily and meowing at us, he suddenly collapsed and couldnt breathe. His lungs had fluid, we injected a diuretic, gave him CPR. Eventually his lungs cleared a little, and he started to not need to breathe with an open mouth (open mouth breathing in a cat is a very serious symptom), and his heart rate also came up to a more normal level. But it was still too late, we lost him. He died with his mouth closed, at least, not gasping for air at the last moment. That was our respite.

Thank you Whiskas for being happy while you were here with us. At least we know that you enjoyed your last days.

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