ADOPT: Lex the little boy kitty. Plus his full rescue story

| Lex the shy boy |

“You sure I allowed to play?”

“Ok, I play!”

Lex is from Serangoon Central, rescued after spending two full nights hiding in a drain after someone chased him inside. His rescuers Jacqueline and Eileen couldn’t get him to come out, because he was so scared, obviously not used to being on the streets. He was about 6 weeks old at the time.

Signs of not being able to withstand human traffic, hiding in drains even when lured by food and such, usually indicate abandonment. We assumed this was the case with Lex. Especially when, finally rescued out of the drain by brave 24-hour SPCA rescue folks, he became an affectionate purring machine, which meant he -did- like humans, but was just terrified.

Today we received an email from another Serangoon Central resident who suspects Lex is from her area, and she provided more insight into where Lex might have come from. There has been a sudden influx of about 4 unneutered adult cats into those couple of blocks, causing lots of fights (and injuries, one cat is now hospitalised). If one of those new cats was female, Lex could be her kid born on the streets, or she could have been abandoned together with him, breaking the mother-child bond. We will be helping to investigate and assist with TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) in this area.


Lex is now 3 months old exactly. He has gotten his first vaccination and is due for his second. While he was here, he had a bout of runny poop, then a fever and some flu’ symptoms. That took one month of two courses of antibiotics to treat (he was easy going about it). His flu’ has just cleared up. He has been dewormed, and Revolution-ed as well.

Handsome white/tabby boy!

The Foster Care volunteers have taken a lot of time to socialise him during this past few weeks too, though he is still shy, he is much better now at being with humans, and seeks affection readily.

He is very good friends with his older foster sister Jacqui and is used to being around other cats.

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“Adopt me. Or else.”

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