Appeal for corporate partners

Are you in the CSR industry or profession? Looking for a worthy cause that can give mileage to your organisation or client?

We might be the one, and we hope you think so too.

Sure, we re small – less than 30 volunteers-strong, have a small cat fostering capacity of maximum 17, have KPIs that are more like seedlings than blue-chips. But, if you want to look for something special, we are it.

We believe a lot in cat rescue and adoption for sure, those are 2 of our main objectives. But our mission, loving the cats in our lives and neighbourhoods, takes us further than kitten fostering and rehoming. We do much more than that, and fall short only of our mother-cat Cat Welfare Society – we do not engage in advocacy work involving government-level intervention, education in schools, or mediation with the Town Council complainants. We know our mother cat organisation can do that already, and we do not want to pour resources into repeating good work. If that is your goal, we do hope you would partner with them.

But, Love Kuching Project has our niches. Here are some of them that set us apart from other cat rescue groups that might interest you:

  • Taking in kitten rescue cases only if other fostering efforts are exhausted and human intervention is necessary for the survival of the kittens.
  • Specialising in rehabiliation and care of ill and injured cats that would otherwise need to spend time and rescuers’ money staying the hospital for non-invasive treatment. 
  • Using holistic care methods in caring for the cats such as supplements and essential oils, thus reducing reliance on pharmaceuticals and improving quality of life for the foster cats.
  • Sharing cat care tips and expanding in our cat care education efforts through talks and a feline behaviour management service to be launched this year. 
  • Feline therapy outreach in hospitals and nursing homes, bringing the love of cats to humans that need it, through a researched, structured therapy programme.

We are looking for partners who wish to help us with our fundraising. We often scrape by, and while we are afloat, we will not be able to expand further if we do not do more than float.

If your CSR goals are about planting seeds and watering them to make start-up non-profits grow, we are for you. 

How can you or your organisation help? Here are some ideas:

  • Organising in-house events with us as a beneficiary
  • Dollar for dollar fundraising promotions or events
  • In-house donation collections among the staff (receipt will be issued to the company if needed)
  • Product sales proceeds to us as a beneficiary

Apart from the online reach we can give back to you for helping us, we can also give talks for cat owners among the staff, attain a specific LKP-mission-oriented KPI you would like for us to achieve as a report-back for your organisation or client, organise an adoption event for the staff.

CSR is serious brand-building business, and so, if you are keen to explore this further, email our president Elaine at

Donate to our cause by making a deposit to our POSB savings account 188-52652-7.     

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