Conclusion of TNR at Renci Nursing Home and Recce of French Road for next TNR project

We concluded our TNR at Renci Nursing Home but we missed out some cats that refused to come to the feeding area at the dustbins, and we could only trap 4 of them.

Let’s hope that these cats that now fend their territory as sterilised cats not only stop breeding but keep new cats from coming into the area.

Our next TNR project is going to be bigger, at French Road in the Lavender area. One block alone that we went to do a reconnaissance at had at least 12 cats.

2 red/white tabbies
One tortie mom who by now won’t be nursing
A tricoloured beauty that likes the carpark
Manja unsterilised black kitty

Scaredy tabby/white that preferred hiding
Another beautiful tortoiseshell
Tabby/white friendly boy
A feral kitty that prefers hiding as well
Chubby white/tabby
White male cat
A manja torbie girl who wouldn’t keep still!

That makes 12 cats and there are also cats in the surrounding blocks. We will need at least 2-3 rounds of trapping at this block to neuter as many of the cats as possible. Kittens are being born on these streets at an alarming rate and we really don’t want complaints or abuse cases happening.

Our last fundraising appeal raised enough money for our Sterilisation Fund, and CWS has given us free slots for neutering every month, so we have enough funds for this. Thank you cat angels for supporting our work.

We will be Facebooking/Tweeting about the date of the first round of trapping soon. Keep a lookout: we will live Instagram report the trapping as usual.

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