Our Emergency Response Fund #ERfund

Our Emergency Rescue Fund or ER Fund was created to help caregivers, rescuers who have no money to pay for veterinary bills, but come across a sick or injured cat that needs help.

Background of the ER Fund:
At present in Singapore’s cat rescue circle, the only possible ways for rescuers to foot the bill at vet clinics, is to pay first, and then raise funds later, be it through independent means online, or through Cat Welfare Society’s Special Appeals.

But what happens if you cannot pay first -at all- to begin with?

Here is where our ER Fund comes in.

Through the generous support of our donors, we have funds already there for a financially incapable cat rescuer who contacts us. This way, these rescuers need not go into huge debts, owe the vet clinics money, or skip essential veterinary procedures because of the costs. The cat will then receive the care it needs at the clinic from the very beginning.

How the ER Fund works:

This infographic lays out how the ER Fund works and how, if you are financial unable to rescue a stray, can apply for the ER Fund.


To prevent any misuse of the funds, we have placed a few terms and conditions required to apply for the ER Fund:

Love Kuching Project Emergency Response Fund Terms and Conditions
1.    Love Kuching Project reserves the right to terminate a relationship with a rescuer.
2.    All veterinary consultations have to be made at The Animal Clinic Telok Kurau, 55 Lorong L Telok Kurau, #01-63 Bright Centre, Singapore 425500, during operating hours [Monday to Friday (9:30am to 12:00pm, 2:00pm to 5:00pm, 6:00pm to 8:30pm), Saturday (9:00am to 1:00pm, 2:00pm to 5:00pm), Sunday (Closed)]. 
3.    No off hour consultations are allowed.
4.    When the Love Kuching Project Emergency Rescue Fund is at or below $500, cases will be triaged (i.e. when immediate intervention will make a life/death difference to the cat rescued).
5.    The ER Fund can only be applied once per cat. Subsequent visits to the vet for the same cat will not be funded by the ER Fund except when the cat is reviewed for the same condition for the second time. 
6.    Love Kuching Project reserves the right to terminate funding for a cat’s subsequent visits to the vet for the same condition.
7.    Each rescuer who utilises the ER Fund or the Foster Network must register as a rescuer under our database.
8.    All cats must have a foster caregiver before we can initiate the rescue process.
9.    A Love Kuching Project representative must be present during the cat’s veterinary consultation.
10.  A Love Kuching Project representative must be present when Love Kuching Project administers the Emergency Rescue Fund
11.  Love Kuching Project will be the sole decision maker allowing or declining any veterinary procedure, under advisement of the vets at The Animal Clinic.
Contact person for ER Fund application: 
Email: assist@lovekuchingproject.org .

Donate to our cause by making a deposit to our POSB savings account 188-52652-7.     

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