Short term sickie tenant: Queenie from Haig Road

Apart from dire cases that need hospice type of care, when we have the space and resources we also try to foster stray cats that are ill or injured and need a temporary place to stay, bringing rescuers’ veterinary bills down. Queenie is one such case, one who suffered dental problems.

Queenie had gum disease

Queenie just had dental surgery. She had to have her teeth scaled and three decayed teeth removed as she hadn’t been eating for days due to her dental condition. She then came here to recuperate, just arrived on Saturday night. She has a course of antibiotics to complete as well, and then she will go back to Haig Road streets.

She was a bit stressed at first, unused to indoor life, and didn’t eat for a couple of days, surviving on just water and hand-fed vitamin gel.

Feeling reserved

We gave her a vitamin B injection to boost her appetite, and then used some tuna mixed with canned food to tempt her to eat. She finally ate today.

Will post updates about Queenie on our social media. Keep paws crossed she goes on the uphill track towards full recovery.

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