Adopt: Kevyn, rescued from road in Yishun after mother killed in road accident

“I waited for my mom for a few nights…”

Kevyn, rescued by Vernice from Yishun, was found on the road one night, and she picked him up because it was a dangerous spot for him to be at. The nearby senior citizens told her Kevyn’s mother had been killed in a road accident a few nights before.

Vernice didn’t know what to do, and hoped one of her friends would adopt him, but her contacts fell through, and her dog kept attacking Kevyn when she brought him home to foster. She ended up having to separate the two, Kevyn barely eating, the dog very frustrated. It was then that she brought the kitten to us, since the situation was untenable. He arrived at our foster home on 4 June, at the age of about close to 6 weeks, but with the body of a 4 week old kitten.

He ate to his heart’s content, at first even fighting with his new foster sibling Lex over the food. But they eventually became firm friends who could eat together, and he became a cuddle bug who would purr with affection.

He is a white and black cat who always has this stunned expression:


Now 9 weeks old, he finally put on some weight and got vaccinated and vet checked. He used to be small enough to eat like a ruffian, inserting his entire body into the food bowl to eat. He is now a civilised gentleman.

Nice pose!

Another stately pose

 Of course, like any high-strung kitten, he loves to play.



We also dutifully socialised him with others in the foster home, first off, the Socialisation IC, Scotty:


Older foster sister Kieran also for adoption

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