Love Kuching Project and The Water Dish are ending our formal corporate sponsorship with effect from today. We will no longer be their adopted charity and our corporate logos will reflect our brand as ‘Love Kuching Project’ instead of ‘Love Kuching Project by The Water Dish’. 
This is due to the fact that The Water Dish is moving away from the retail market and into distributorship and pet community development. Hence, we will no longer receive donations from The Water Dish as they progress in their business development. Adopters will also no longer get their own adopters’ discount code to use in The Water Dish store.
They will also no longer be offering discounted bundled rates for donors to donate food and litter to Love Kuching Project online. We have lined up another pet supplier, Pawfection, who is able to fulfil this gap. You can start donating right away.
The Water Dish will however still keep the #pawcircle fund going, as this is in line with their new business development into the animal welfare and pet community. All #pawcircle fund donations via The Water Dish link above go towards our Veterinary Fund.
We will be going through a small rebranding to reflect our new status quo. We will also definitely continue to partner with The Water Dish for selected projects in the future.

Donate to our cause by making a deposit to our POSB savings account 188-52652-7.     

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