Melee the stray from Jurong West, the boy cat with a serious wound that caused infection [FULL STORY]

Michelle from Cat Welfare Society contacted us about Melee, a cat that had a wound so bad it caused bone infection in his elbow. He needed fostering at a shelter as he is on medication and isn’t fully mobile yet. He also has an xray showing fluid around his lungs.

The blur part in chest is fluid

So he arrived in our foster home on the first week of July.

Melee in his cat suite

He was already put on a long course of 2 antibiotics, Clavulox and Clindamycin, as well as wound care for his elbow with gentamicin cream.

We brought him to our vet for further understanding of his infection as Michelle could not afford all the tests needed to conclusively diagnose Melee (that’s where you cat angels make a difference for sick strays!) and we also wanted to know what supplements we could put him on.

It turns out the fluids in his chest cavity are not in his lungs, but merely outside, most possibly because the bite wound pierced his chest area. This means he will not have respiratory problems, nor is he likely to have diseases such as FIP.

We were advised to give him supplements good for bacterial infections, as this is what his wound is about, an infection. This means a combination of milk thistle, dandelion root, echinechea and burdock root. We are also putting him on anti-inflammatory supplements such as curcumin, colloidal silver, and ashwagandha.

He is very comfortable in his pen now, often seen rolling about and interested when the kittens have their play time with the volunteers.

Lying on his injured side like there’s no pain
He loves food! *pose with bowl*

And how did he get injured in the first place? He was bitten by his brother during a fight, before they were neutered. Likely abandoned before that or born on the street by abandoned mother cat. They are now sterilised of course. Neutering is one way to prevent cat injuries due to cat fights over mating territories, which is why trap-neuter-return TNR is so important.

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