Our first #ERFund cases

During our second round of TNR at French Road, Lavender, we encountered one of the caregivers who had 2 unwell cats that she could foster but could not afford vet fees for. This kind of scenario was perfect for our ER Fund to help out.

The first cat was Girl Girl, who just that day happened to get poked by something sharp, into her neck. We brought her back to our foster space to administer first aid before bringing her to the vet the next day with the other unwell cat.

Girl Girl

The wound site was getting infected, so after cleaning it with saline, we applied gentamicin cream and dressed the wound. She stayed overnight at our foster space.

The other cat had a chronic skin condition that had been going on for a very long while and all this time the caregiver could not do anything about it because she had no money to.

Siam Boy

The next day, we got the caregiver and Siam Boy, brought Girl Girl along, to the vet.

Auntie Aminah with the cats at the vet

Girl Girl’s wound had already healed a lot cos of the first aid. She was given a painkiller steroidal injection and a course of oral antibiotics, as well as topical medication to apply.

Siam Boy’s condition is a chronic allergy condition. It had to be treated with a steroid jab and oral antibiotics as well. It however will return in 6 months and he will need another steroidal jab. The vet advised the caregiver to bring Siam Boy to the SPCA free clinic for the follow up jab when his condition returns. The caregiver almost never leaves Lavender area so in 6 months’ time we hope to gather some of the LKP vollies to help bring her and Siam Boy to SPCA to get the jab done, or to administer the jab at her home.

Thanks to you, our ER Fund donors, that this was made possible.

If you follow other cat rescue Facebook pages and suchlike, and find similar cases where, like in Auntie Aminah’s case has no money to bring stray cats to the vet, let us know. Our ER Fund can help. Auntie Aminah is retired and sick and she lives alone as a widow.

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