Abandoned, rescued, socialised, rehabilitated and adopted – Ranger from Serangoon

We don’t normally allow adoptions before a cat is posted on our blog for adoption but we are making an exception for this fellow, a true “cats’ cat” who cannot live without feline siblings.

This boy, Ranger, was found abandoned in Serangoon. Likely a cross between a pedigree and a local cat, he was found lost and alone and nearly knocked down by a car. He was extremely feral and didn’t enjoy the rescue process -at all-.

He came to us, and it took a while before he stopped hissing at us humans. Then he fell ill with a high fever, for which we had to administer fluids and give him ice-packs for a few days. He recovered and the rehabilitation actually started to make him love humans more.

We realised also, he really much preferred the company of other kitties. He developed a best friend relationship with Stout, a foster sibling. He would suckle and knead on Stout, and Stout would groom him – when Ranger squealed from his vaccination, Stout checked on him to see if he was okay!

We had a visit this Wednesday, and the adoptive family wanted to adopt one of the kopitiam kittens, but wanted two best friends. Because Stout and Ranger are so close, they will be taking this pair home tomorrow.

Ranger already had his adoption ad photoshoot with Furry Photos, so here are his photos nonetheless, because he is really cute. He is a bit slow, very chillout, and like Stout, okay with dogs, other cats old and young.

We always want to give priority to those who can adopt two kittens, not only because it means a better adoption rate and reduces shelter care time for the cats, but also because kittens go better as a pair. And Ranger being uniquely close to his BFF, enjoying very much the companionship and play with other friends his age, this adoption is really a match made in heaven.

Will post the adoptive family’s photos with the pair when they go home tomorrow, on our social media. Join us in congratulations to the family when we do!

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