[Adopt] Cuddy, tabby and white female kitten rescued from near-drowning

Last month a 4 week old kitten arrived at our foster home, rescued by Charles and Diana. Cuddy was found in a small but clogged drain in the Bukit Merah area, and was nearly going to drown to death. An uncle nearby was trying to bail water out, which was what alerted Diana to the situation.

Cuddy at 9 weeks old

They brought Cuddy to the vet to ensure no water entered her lungs, and she thankfully got the all clear. Subsequently, Cuddy did not show signs of remnant fluid in lungs either. However, she suffered a prolapsed anus, and we adjusted it back for her, but were worried, and brought her to the vet. The vet once again declared her okay but to monitor her closely. We were to give her an enema for constipation if necessary.

She then seemed… not to grow! She was stuck in a midget phase, and while we tried to make her eat more, she didn’t want to. She was underweight and ate only enough, not greedily like most kittens do.

Mini Cuddy

Because of this we waited one more week to get her vaccinated, at 9 weeks instead of 8 weeks, and to monitor and ensure she didn’t get severe side effects from vaccination because of her small stature.

When it came to her socialisation to make her a good house pet for adoption – Cuddy showed all the signs of a diva! She didn’t like her foster siblings at first, but grew to enjoy playing with them after effort by all the volunteers. Her favourite activity is now pouncing on her foster brothers and sisters, running after them.

Cuddy trying to get to her foster brother

As such, we are giving priority to adopters who can adopt her with a foster sibling as it would be healthier emotionally for Cuddy to grow up with someone close to her own age to play with.

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