It is dengue season, but pesticides can harm cats, so how?

The answer is essential oils!

Not only is dengue a risk for humans, mosquitoes can also transmit diseases to cats, such as blood parasites and heartworm. But using pesticides in the home where there are pets is not safe as they might ingest it. We found our answer in an essential oil blend called Purification.


You can use it in a variety of ways. Diffuse it in the home, drip it on to pet bedding  – it also repels fleas – or drip it into places where there might be stagnant water such as soaking laundry, plant pot bases. Because it contains citronella, it repels mosquitoes, but due to the high quality of this brand of essential oils, it will not be irritating to cats as it is meant to be safe for their use too. (We use the cheaper versions of citronella to get cats off countertops! Citronella plants outside the house also repel stray cats from the corridor.)

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Then select Purification to buy. If you want to know what other essential oils may benefit your cats, take a look at an earlier post here.

Hope this information on cat-safe mozzie prevention helps!

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