[Adopt] Denny, who fell from a roof at Macpherson

| Shy, a lil’ scaredy Denny |

Denny was rescued by Denise, whose mother lives in a house in Macpherson. A stray cat had gone up to the roof of the house and given birth, and one night Denny fell from the roof.

He was so scared at first, he was feral, but now he is merely a reserved, introverted boy who loves cuddles and needs his good friend Nikki to feel comfortable and less scared.

“I’m shy, okay?”
With his pen-mate and BFF, Nikki

Not long after Denny arrived, he fell ill with calicivirus, which is a sort of cat flu’ that results in ulcerations in the mouth and on the tongue. He was on antibiotics for 10 days. He had suspected mange, but it has long cleared up because we applied Revolution on all the cats, now his ear flaps are just a bit dry and on track to healing fully.

It also took a long time to socialise Denny. From a feral kitten, to one who is able to enjoy human attention. Every day the Foster Care Volunteers were around, he received lots of hugs, from the play/clean volunteers too, so that he would get used to it. He actually – loves – hugs! He is just very introverted.

Pensive Denny

He however still takes the cue in play from his BFF Nikki, who is the play initiator.

Nikki: “I be the one who teach Denny PLAY.”

Hence we would like Denny to be adopted together with Nikki so he won’t go through the trauma of having to leave a new best friend after losing his biological siblings from the roof fall.

Denny is litter trained, now about 14 weeks old and vaccinated, as is Nikki.

To adopt Denny and Nikki, see right sidebar under ‘How to adopt‘ or click here.

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