[Adopt] Nikki from a roadside bush in Bishan

| Nikki, tricoloured female kitten |

Nikki was found as a lone kitten near a road, hiding in a bush and mewing away. Her rescuers managed to extract her out of the bush when the located the meowing sounds, and thereafter tried to find out if her mother was nearby. They went to various cats around the estate but could not find Nikki’s mother.

Nikki when first found in the bush
The same bush in the daytime
Thankfully she didn’t run out onto the road

It is assumed she is an abandoned kitten, as usually kittens born on the streets like such areas near the road, by Nikki’s age would be exploring their territory even if it means going on to the road with the traffic.

Their rescuers couldn’t keep her nor foster her for long. Nikki came to Love Kuching on 5 Oct at 5 weeks old. She was mostly healthy, and only needed to be dewormed. We got her eating solid food and using the litterbox, and most importantly, socialised her to human affection and interaction with other cats.

At first, she was not very keen on other cats. She also doesn’t like hugs very much, still. But she loves playing with her pen-mate, Denny.

Nikki climbing over Denny

She loves play-wrestling with Denny, cuddling him to sleep and leading him into mischief.

She is also very hyperactive and loves to go exploring on her own.

“Shucks, missed the flying feathers!”
Cannot sit still

She will do best in a home where a cat not too much older than she is (like Denny!) is an older sibling. With cats that differ in age in months or years, she tends to want to dominate them, and also does not interact well with them, preferring to lead in play than to follow. If you can adopt Nikki together with Denny, you will have priority over other adopters.

She is currently about 12 weeks old. 

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