Still appealing for Vet Fund donations – to cover Naughty’s colonectomy surgery among other vet expenses

Naughty is a stray from Admiralty who came here to rehabilitate from a megacolon – which causes chronic constipation due to an enlarged colon. Care included daily medications: cisapride, Lactulose, and daily enemas, subcutaneous injections of fluids. Being consistently constipated, straining often and unable to poop and if he did, very hard compacted – painful – faeces, he was always in a bad mood and he was so feral only Elaine and Andy could administer the enemas and subcut injections.

Clinical care like the above was only meant to be a short term solution and the ideal was for him to get a colonectomy so that he would no longer get poop stuck in his system anymore. Now he is recovering from his surgery and has become a total manjapot cat.

Before surgery, patting him was not so easy

But his surgery, which is quite a complicated procedure, set us back in our Veterinary Fund by quite a bit. His surgery cost us $777.80 and this was when we were already in the red.

Naughty’s vet bill, incurred among other expenses

We are hoping to at least raise enough to cover the deficit caused by Naughty’s treatment, which has really changed his life so much. He is such a happy cat now, and no longer has to strain to poop and be in pain from using the litter box.

To give: 
Make a deposit to our DBS current account 027-905975-3 and email us to indicate you have given to the Vet Fund.

We will report how much of Naughty’s bill has been raised after this appeal is publicised, on social media. Please help us spread the word. Thank you for helping Naughty be a happier, more comfortable and pain-free cat now. 

Donate to our cause by making a deposit to our Love Kuching Project DBS Current Account 027-905975-3 or via Credit Card   
Donate us food or litter at charity rates with free delivery via Pawfection      
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