A stray cat with skin infection: Yvie from Yishun’s story

 | Yvie, a tortoiseshell tabby cat |

Yvie’s rescuer Evon contacted us about a stray cat near her home which had some apparent flesh wounds. The wounds seemed superficial, but then it got worse, and was not flea dermatitis as Evon had applied Frontline for Yvie already. We took Yvie in on Sunday 21st December.

Her flesh wounds were mostly around her face and ears:

Yvie in our last remaining suite
The infection around her face and external ears
Both sides of her face affected

Since the vet was closed on Sunday, we cleaned and medicated Yvie’s wound that night and then took her to the vet the next day. Because she had been scratching, we applied a steroidal antibacterial cream, and the redness of her scratches went down the next day.

The vet did a skin scrape to look under the microscope and found that Yvie had mites (scabies). Because her skin had gotten so infected and itchy, she was given steroidal and antibiotic jabs. We also applied Revolution for her, and she has a second dose to follow up, so as to make sure she is mite-free.

We continued to keep her wounds cleaned and medicated. She was not very keen on being indoors though: she disturbed her neighbours, messed up her suite, did not want to eat food with any supplements. She only needed a follow up dose of Revolution, so Evon came to take Yvie back to her stray territory, and we passed the Revolution to her so she can apply for Yvie back at Yishun.

Yvie was happy to be back at her place!

Yvie back at Yishun
Looking at ease indeed!

We love happy rescue story endings like this. Keep up the good work, vigilante rescuers!

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