Adopt: Ayumi from a school in Upper Aljunied

| Ayumi, calico with bobtail |

Ayumi and her brother Leiko arrived at Love Kuching on 6 November at 3 weeks old. Both of them were found in a drain at a school, with no mother in sight. Leiko passed away from fading kitten syndrome the week after, something that orphaned kittens often die from as a result of the lack of mother’s milk. Ayumi continued her growing up journey with us and is finally ready for adoption.

She got weaned off milk and on to solid food, which took a long time, and she needed to eat wet food as she did not take to dry food until she was about 8 weeks of age. Hence she had perpetual ‘food face’ as she was always covered in wet food stains.

Ayumi at 7 weeks was still unable to eat dry food
“Me tried to lick my paws after swimming in my food bowl!”

As a result of her messy eating habits she got a skin infection and had to go on antibiotics. Her skin was also cleaned and medicated so as to prevent the infection from spreading.

At 8 weeks old she got a vet check and a vaccination, and received an all clear. She has also been Revolution-ed and dewormed. She remains very tubby even after deworming!

Ayumi the tubby
Round and fluffy, and great with dogs!

Her personality is quite unique. While she has been accustomed to hugs from the volunteers she doesn’t really enjoy them, prefers to scamper around and explore on her own. She likes independent play toys more than sitting on human laps.

Her favourite toys include itty bitty mice
Queen of self-entertainment

She is very good with other animals, dogs, cats of all ages. She bonds well with everyone and is a very extroverted kitty.

“Me like make fwens.”

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