Adopt Tikki: kitten rescued from steel factory in Tuas

| Tikki, ticked tabby girl from Tuas |

Tikki was rescued alongside her sister Jenny from a steel factory in Tuas, a cat-unfriendly environment, by Janet with the help of her friend Jiayuan. When they first arrived at 8 weeks old, they were rather fierce towards humans, hissing away every time we went near them, although never violent.

It took a long time for us to get them to like humans. Socialisation is something we take very seriously at Love Kuching, because we don’t want adopters to return cats back to the shelter because of behavioural issues that could have been prevented. We got a lot of humans to cuddle them all the time, fed them treats, introduced them to toys. In the meantime we got them vaccinated and vet-checked.

Finally one day they stopped hissing at people they already knew. But Jenny, the smaller, weaker sister of the pair, faded last week and passed away. She had been doing well but started to look weak, then last Monday, she hyperventilated and presented even more severe weakness. We gave her oxygen and fluids therapy but we could not save her, even with CPR.

Tikki remained strong after losing her sister, and we continued to expose her to cuddles and hugs. She still takes a while to warm up to people, hissing at you if she doesn’t know you, but once warmed up is actually very into physical affection from humans.

Acts tough…
…but actually likes human contact.

She is also an animal lover in that she gets along well with other cats of her age, and older, as well as with dogs.

Respectful of older cats
Doesn’t mind the Socialisation IC, though she won’t play with him!

She is a ticked tabby kitten with a long tail, now 3 months old, vaccinated, dewormed and Revolution-ed, trained to use the litter box, eats well both dry and wet food.

If you would like to adopt a cat that acts tough but is actually affectionate, Tikki is suitable – for both petless and dog- or cat-households. See right side bar under ‘How to adopt‘ or click here to find out how to adopt Tikki.

Tikki acting all, “Don’t mess with me,” unconvincingly!

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