2015 – year of organic growth in our kitty work

For the past few months, we have thought, deliberated, discussed and voted over the things we want to do through LKP for cats in need in this year, and we would like to share them with you.

We want to grow in our existing work. This immediately conjures up dreams of a bigger space where we can provide care for more cats in need, but 2015 is simply not the year to do it. It will require a base fund of $60,000 as a pad for a year’s rental and utilities, and thinking brick-and-mortar is limiting.

So we think of ‘organic’ growth. What is that really? It means we grow our existing programmes, beyond the constraints of the physical space we have.

In order to expand our rescue work beyond the 5 cat suites we can offer to sick and injured cats at a time, we need to grow our Foster Network. This is something we are already working on and you will find opportunities coming your way on how to be a part, big or small, in this. By expanding the number of Foster Caregivers we have, we can say YES to more rescue cases, because after we tend to their veterinary needs at the clinic, the cats will have somewhere to go to regardless of our brick-and-mortar limitations. We know your concerns. Can I foster a sick cat? Do I have the skills to? Do I have the time? We will quell all these fears in due course.

Another thing we are doing to expand our work, is in expanding our knowledge base. This started first off with the recruitment of Foster Care Volunteers to take shifts on non-play/clean days, focusing on the medical care of cats, and in administering supplements – nutraceutical, herbal, homeopathic, aromatherapy – to the cats to improve their base level of care beyond pharmaceuticals.

In light of increasing our Foster Network and in sharing our knowledge, we will give back more of what we have learned through the years of cat care with the public even more, so you can expect more cat care talks in 2015 that you can benefit from.

And in sharing our love for cats, specifically through feline therapy to humans that need it, we have found that this is a great need in our community. We as cat lovers in no way ‘hate humans but love cats’, instead we see that we need to share the love of cats more and more to people that need it, to expose myths about cats being dirty, to elevate their status as companions, to show the world they have much to give to humans just as we give to them. We will be doing more of our feline therapy outreach, don’t you fear. Seeing how a human patient benefits from therapy from a cat is priceless. 

All this, will require more funds, in some way. But we don’t see it as a problem, we see a fun challenge instead! We will be launching more kitty-fun stuff for you to take part in, because love for cats is after all a feel-good, lovely thing we want to evangelise to the world about isn’t it! We (secretly) see it as education and outreach, but to you it will be something fun you can be a part of with the LKP community. What are we talking about? Akan datang! *tease*

This has of course led to some number crunching and we have come to realise we need to raise a total of $6,000 per month to meet our budget requirements. As we always say, if you can’t adopt, foster. If you can’t foster, volunteer. If you can’t volunteer, donate. There is always something – you – can do to reciprocate the love that the cats in our lives and neighbourhoods give us.

Regardless of space. Yes, the humble Love Kuching Foster Space, is small. But we won’t be letting it deter us. We will continue to raise the bar, as we do every single year. For you, and most importantly, for the cats.

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