Ah Niu from Dakota Crescent, stray cat lame from an accident

| Ah Niu, 15 year old stray cat |

On 21st January we invited Ah Niu to come and stay in our foster space. Ah Niu is a resident stray cat at Dakota Crescent, and one day his feeders found him unable to walk, he was dragging his hind legs. He also had blood around his nose and mouth. His rescuer, one of our Sterilisation Volunteers Liyin, brought him to the vet before he came to us.

Ah Niu on the day he arrived at ours

Ah Niu indeed could not rest on his hind legs well. When we massaged his spine, he yelped in pain. We got him an x-ray soon after, and it turned out he had a vertebral fracture from some kind of accident or trauma. This caused the nerves in his hind legs to be affected. He needed cage rest and acupuncture.

Ah Niu in a cat suite for him to rest

He did a lot better after cage rest for some time. He became more and more able to use his hind legs. Thankfully, unlike many nerve damage cats, he was not incontinent or constipated. He also ate well, even with supplements added.

He showed signs of colitis during his stay here recently, and is now on antibiotics to clear it until his poop is solid again.

Ah Niu is an excellent candidate for TCM and acupuncture. He sat still throughout the time the needles were in and even purred. He also does not mind eating his food mixed with TCM medication inside.

Ah Niu at acupuncture

As his legs grow strength he will need physiotherapy to make sure his muscles don’t atrophy. He also needs pain relief for his spine which is injured. For now we cannot massage him using aromatherapy as it causes him pain. He is a good natured cat who enjoys his supervised walkabouts so the physiotherapy aspect is not that difficult.

Ah Niu, very comfortable in our foster space

In case you are wondering why he is called Ah Niu (cow) we suspect it is because he meows like a cow! Especially when he is being bathed. We hope he feels better soon.

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