#Nyanmade by Love Kuching Project – monthly gifts for monthly givers!

Over the last few weeks, a group of us have been meeting at LKP HQ to brainstorm on ideas for a new “subscription” based model of monthly gifts for donors.

Our group has some amazingly crafty individuals, and so many creative ideas have been suggested for consideration. As always, Scotty was on hand to check on the quality of ideas and for final approvals.

The basic idea is this: someone (possibly your good self) arranges a special monthly recurring payment of $18.75 (or more!) to Love Kuching Project. Then you fill out a nifty form (here) and the super craft ninjas activate their artistic kungfu and mail you a secret handmade gift.

The funds you donate will go to the general fund for expenses including vet fees, health supplements and other cat related expenses that support Love Kuching Project’s missions – cat rescue, rehab, rehoming and sterilisation of strays. You can read more about Love Kuching Project’s mission here.

What exactly will you get? Well, it’s a secret. But these are just a few of the very early-stage prototypes we’ve experimented with. We do promise that all the items are for humans, and not cats, since we know that not all cat lovers are able to have the joy of having a cat companion.

We’ve even come up with themes for the months ahead.


March: Longhand

April: Everyday appreciation

May: The important things

June: Sprucing it up

July: Holding it together

August: Pause

September: Marking territory

October: Boo!

November: Journeying

December: Looking forward

The themes don’t quite give away anything, but that’s the whole point! We’d like to preserve some mystery and surprise our donors every month. The gifts definitely aren’t supposed to make up the value of your donation. In fact, to ensure that the majority of the funds go to the kitties you want to help, most of the value of the gifts will come from our artistic flair (and a fair amount of bargaining and thoughtful thriftiness). You can also instruct us to send the gift to a friend, or opt out of the gift altogether. 

Keen? Here are the steps to be part of the Nyanmade monthly subscription!


1) Make a recurring monthly payment to Love Kuching Project’s bank account: DBS Current Acct 027-905975-3. The minimum is $18.75 until Dec 2015 to qualify for the monthly gift. You can always give more than the minimum… the more you give, the more kitties get!

2) Use your full name in the reference (and then use the same name when filling out this form so we know its you!)

3) Arrange for the contribution to be transacted on the 15th of every month (remember that some banks require 2-3 working days for the recurring payment to be activated). If you miss the date, your subscription will start the following month (or you can contact ami@lovekuchingproject.org to make special arrangements)

4) Once you have done the above, please fill out the form at bit.ly/nyanmade1!

Questions? Email ami@lovekuchingproject.org

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