The story of Mr Glue: stray cat from Macpherson that fractured his foreleg

| Mr Glue with his splint |

Mr Glue who is named as such because when his caregiver first met him, he had glue on his back, came to us after being hospitalised for his fractured leg. He didn’t actually need to stay in the clinic he was at; all he needed for the fracture to heal is cage rest. But we were out of space at the time, and so when we had a space freed up, Mr Glue came to stay with us.

We started him on supplements to boost his healing and help with pain. He took to his food well. His supplement regime consisted of a lot of anti-inflammatories like curcumin, colloidal silver and ashwagandha, among others that were for his immunity.

When we brought him to our vet for a review a week after he came to stay, an x-ray revealed that Mr Glue’s fractured had healed very well. He could get his splint removed.

Vet removing his splint

He developed some pyoderma under his splint – itchy pistules that were inflamed. We used topical meds and a short course of antibiotics to get that healed up, and it did. We also had supervised walkabouts for Mr Glue to strengthen his leg again after not using it for a while. Soon, he will be able to go home to Macpherson!

Mr Glue and his now a-okay foreleg!

If all goes well, Mr Glue should be able to return this week to his friends and feeders at Macpherson. We are glad he is now a-okay!

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