[Adopt] The Farrer Road condo kittens: Leo, Lennon, Louie and Laney

| Leo |
 | Lennon |
| Louie |
| Laney|

One of our volunteers works at a condo at Farrer Road, where she noticed a litter of 4 kittens with a mother cat. She started to feed them daily. However, the kittens eventually grew to attract a lot of attention, even from the management of the condo – which usually leads to the cats being culled, unfortunately. So we took the kittens in and the mother cat has since been spayed.

Because this group of kittens came to us past the ideal socialisation age (which is at 3 to 7 weeks of age), it took a long time for us to get them adoption-ready. Right on the first day they arrived at our place, they already bit one volunteer really hard, and this turned out not to be the only time thereafter that they showed us such aggression.

They also had a bout of diarrhoea, but fortunately treated early with supplements; there was no need for medication or antibiotics, apart from deworming medication. The kittens improved in health steadily.

It was a long 2-month stay they had with us. They are now close to 4 months old, and totally used to human interaction already. At first, we started out giving them homeopathic supplements to get their aggression and stress levels down, while we got them used to human proximity. We also exposed to them to play time with the friendlier kittens, so they had role models to see how humans and kitties interacted. 

Leo, with Turmeric

Leo was the first to warm up to us. He has a really interesting personality. He is daring and adventurous when it comes to play, exploring everywhere, and making kitty friends. But he also has his reserved side – he is quiet and not attention seeking.

A shy but adventurous boy
Have toy, will play

His brother Lennon is slightly less boisterous, and is a perfect balance of cuddly and playful. He is the least naughty of his siblings.

“Who, me?”

Prone and get ready to pounce!

“I am kitten. Watch me play!”

Louie was responsible for most of the “expressions of outrage” against humans. Hissing, biting, scratching, he has done it all. But that is his old self now! He has gone through a wondrous transformation. He is still an introverted kitty, but can be a cuddly fur-baby.

Louie doing a Grumpy Cat impression
Innocent pout that fools everyone

The only girl of the lot, Laney, has gotta be the naughtiest of them all! Sure, you can hug and squeeze her, but when she is left to her own devices, she is really spirited. Best to be adopted with another kitty, to temper her mischief, or by a family with a young, playful cat.

Resting in between bouts of play
“I didn’t destroy anything, I promise!”

All 4 of them are dewormed, Revolutioned, vaccinated and vet-checked. They are also litter trained and can eat both dry and wet food.

To adopt any of them, see right sidebar under ‘How to adopt‘ or click here. Spread the word!

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