[Adopt] Freckles, kitty rescued from Seletar Farmway (where there are lots of stray dogs!)

We got an appeal for help for fostering Freckles from a couple who found her along Seletar Farmway. That road has a lot of wild stray dogs, and Freckles was the only cat in the area. We are unsure if she was dumped there, but it was a very dangerous place for her to be in.

Freckles when she was found

Unfortunately, they were unable to foster her because of space issues and asked us for help, while in the meantime they kept her in a pet carrier. It was very uncomfortable for Freckles, and stressful for the rescuers.

We normally don’t take in kittens that are too old, and Freckles was already 3 months old in the picture. But because the rescuers had nowhere else to house her away from the situation, and the place she was found was really dangerous, we made an exception with Freckles. They in the meantime got her vaccinated and vet checked. She was docile at first, but owing to her already past the ideal socialisation age, and because she began having teething discomfort not long after, she started to be more aggressive towards her rescuers not long after. When she first came to Love Kuching, she was all fierce and unfriendly.

A week later, we managed to break the ice with her. She enjoys cuddling with humans and playing with other kittens (after she makes sure she has her say!) now that she realised she likes companionship.

Freckles now, now 4 months old

She really likes her foster brothers, and plays as rough as they do.

Turmeric: “This Freckles be cray-cray!”
“Am not scared of you! I am the Kitten King!”
“Wait – this. THIS is our real enemy! This noodly thing!”

Then she has her sweet girly side to help her get away with mischief. With a pretty face no one can say no to.

Beautiful tortoiseshell colouring
Playing with a toy strawberry
Her poses are often very demure
All cuddly-cute in her favourite cat shelf

She still maintains some of her old quirks. She definitely hates dogs after being where she was from. She still needs to be told not to use her mouth to nip people, especially now that she is teething – kittens’ adult teeth start growing out between 4 and 6 months of age. She may be cuddly on your tummy and sweet that way but is still a feisty girl. Sure to reign in any household!

She has been vaccinated, vet-checked and is litter-trained. Currently 4 months of age. To adopt Freckles, see right side bar under ‘How to adopt’ or click here.

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