Pretty Momo from Farrer Road – her story

| Momo currently recuperating with us |

Momo first started attracting unwanted attention by a condo management in Farrer Road, where she had then been unsterilised, finding boyfriends in the condo grounds, and giving birth within. She has since been sterilised, abandoned her boyfriends in the condo, preferring to hang out at a safer location outside the condo’s perimeter. She was sterilised with a microchip under one of our volunteers’ names.

| At her favourite bench with an ah pek |

Recently she was discovered limping by a resident in the area, who then called SPCA. Because of her stray cat microchip, our volunteer’s name came up and was contacted by Cat Welfare Society. Momo was bailed out by our volunteer and brought to us to recuperate from her leg injury since we had the space.

Our vet prescribed cage rest and stretches for her, as it was not an injury that needed surgery or a splint. She however also came with a slight flu’ and needed medication for it. She came to us on 5 June, and just completed medication for her flu’; her sneezing and nasal discharge are gone.

We need to check that she can walk properly now, and thereafter she can return to her favourite spot.

Momo being comfortable back home

You may recall that a litter of kittens was rescued from the same locale – yes, she is the mother of Leo, Lennon, Laney and Louie.

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