Met a stray kitty that needs rescue? Here is how you can contact us:

We announced on social media recently that we have just gone through an internal restructuring, and this will improve the way your rescue requests are being managed.

We receive a lot of calls, texts and emails on a daily basis and all along, it has been only one or two people handling the rescue requests, managing the waiting list for shelter slots, advising rescuers on alternatives because we are unable to help. Now we have a Rescue and Sterilisation team at your service to tend to rescue cases that you would like our help in, not just a lone ranger.

To contact us on a stray cat that you meet that needs rescue, go to our website and click on Cat Rescue on the side bar. You will see a link that requires you to send a Rescue Request. This form, once you have filled in and sent, will reach the entire Rescue and Sterilisation team so that now more people can tend to the stray cat rescue requests, the waiting list is better managed, Elaine and Andy’s phones are less taxed, and the form you submit gives us all the information we will need before we can render any advice.

With this in place, we urge you to use this new system so that our rescue work can grow in a structured manner. All rescue requests via phone calls, texts and emails will no longer be tended to, only those submitted via the Rescue Request form. Thank you for helping us help you help cats better!

Donate to our cause by making a deposit to our Love Kuching Project DBS Current Account 027-905975-3 or via Credit Card.   
Donate us food or litter at charity rates with free delivery via Pawfection      

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