TNR this Sunday at Changi Rd

This Sunday, we are going to be busy busy busy! We are coming to this alleyway in Changi Road to trap unsterilised cats for neutering.

(While, not far off at Lorong L Telok Kurau, we will be holding our first-ever popup cat cafe at The Garden Slug. Yes, catwork goes on 7 days a week.)

There are 11 cats in this area that need to be neutered. This will require 2 rounds of trapping at least.

Although there is the free sterilisation scheme SCSP, it does not apply to cats in spaces such as this not in an HDB estate. Hence there will be sterilisation cost we have to pay for this colony.

The tricky part about trapping the cats to neuter, is that there is a fence. The cats may not always want to come out from the end of the fence, or holes in the fencing, to the “human” side.

We hope we will have a successful TNR round for this cat colony this Sunday!

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