Juju and his out-of-protocol adoption

| Juju, next to his sister Splotch (previously Willow) |

Rashid and Diana recently lost their cat Jolie, to cancer. Then Juju, out of all the other kittens remaining while they were still alive, came to comfort Rashid. So Rashid and Diana, who is also our new Clinical Manager, decided that when Juju was available for adoption they would throw their hat in the race for him.

But in the light of all the kitten deaths we have dealt recently, we have decided to skip the adoption protocol and award Juju to Rashid and Diana. They had already been bonding with him a lot. It has been hard work, losing kittens to a suspected virus (Juju is being monitored too and is now already living with Rashid and Diana). They will be bearing the cost of Juju’s treatment and care from here on.

Diana as our new Clinical Manager has had to work very hard during this trying time of volunteering in a new, more expansive role even while she just lost the cat she adopted together with Rashid. Looks like Juju had worked his juju on her.

Juju looking stunned

We apologise for moving away from our usual no-reservation policy for this case because of its special circumstances. No chope-ing is allowed because we have had the experience where the those who reserved the kitten never appeared. Our adoption policy strictly is such that applications for a cat with all Adopters’ Questiionnaire answers must come after the the adoption post. It is hard to post Juju’s adoption post after so many of his friends have gone over the rainbow bridge, the photos are really hard to look at. We seek your understanding that we have in this case awarded a kitten to an adopter out of protocol. We wish our Clinical Manager and her husband all the best with their new kitten.

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