[Adopt] Jake from Eunos and Bud the nasi lemak kitten

Jake and Bud are up for adoption!

If you follow us on Instagram, you would have seen them play, make friends with other cats and kittens, and satisfy their growing and greedy bellies. Unfortunately, in April we lost one of their kitten suitemates to parvovirus, which is contagious and deadly. By the time that kitten had displayed symptoms, though, Jake and Bud had been vaccinated. We hung onto them for longer than usual just to monitor and be confident that they are both still bright and healthy. Now they’re finally ready for their forever homes!

Jake is three months old. Rescued from Eunos industrial area in early March at the age of about four weeks, Jake was a bit weak and showed signs of sickness such as shivering and diarrhoea. He had fleas and was given Advantage at the vet for it, and we gave him some powdered pumpkin in his food to help with the diarrhoea. We also gave him heat packs and lots of warm places to hide in case he needed it to help regulate his temperature.

At first we were told that Jake was a girl kitten, but that cleared up when we had a good look under his tail. It was funny to us but he remained indifferent to all human assignations of gender and looks cute even in a dress.

Jake is playful and active, and enjoys wrestling with other kittens, jumping after toys, and racing about the cattery. When he was little he liked to bite our feet to get our attention as we worked, but we have since taught him not to do that and he plays with our pants instead. But he also loves headrubs and pets as much as the next cat, and is very sweet especially after his play needs are satisfied.

Although Jake is little, he has some serious nurturing instincts. He is quick to take new kittens under his wing, snuggling, grooming, and playing with them. He would do well in a home with consistent daily attention and could become a great companion to other cats, kids, and adults. One of the cutest things he does is seek out a specific cat bed so that he can suckle and knead in its fold. He will then fall asleep with his nose buried in the bed. He also has the best belly spots.

Bud is about three and a half months old. He was found in mid-February by his rescuer Buddy in a box with rice and ikan bilis. We are not sure if he was abandoned like that or put there by a kind passerby.

After Buddy brought him to us, he stayed at the cattery until early March. Likely due to his deworming medicine, he suffered a bout of diarrhoea. Foster care manager Diana and her husband Rashid fostered him in their home with their cats, and there his appetite got better and he recovered well. He was exposed to supplemental skills like table tennis and in fact his appetite improved so much that he now has a round belly from being a full-time champion at charging into the food bowl. He is rather greedy and tries to steal wet food from other cats, a habit he kept after his first night at Diana’s place where he ate Gizmo’s raw food, to Gizmo’s shock and dismay.

Bud is a genuine lapcat. After he is done playing, he will seek out human laps to curl up in and have a snooze, purring away the whole time. Except when it comes to food, he is docile and loves being hugged and cuddled by both humans and cats.

Both Jake and Bud have been dewormed, vaccinated, litter-trained, and socialised, but note that the adopters must agree to have them neutered. They are fed wet food (Addiction brushtail with supplements) once a day and given dry food in their suite to graze on. These two pals make friends with other cats well and would be good in both single- and multi-cat homes. If you’d like to adopt either Jake or Bud, please 1) read and be ready to respond to the adoption questionnaire, 2) download and fill the adoption agreement form, and 3) send your answers and form to Diana at adopt@lovekuchingproject.org. Note that an adoption fee will apply. Any questions can be directed to Diana; please do not contact Elaine at this time.

If you love cats but cannot adopt, consider volunteering with us! We need more volunteers in communications (blog posts, posters, social media) and our main work, foster care (roving or weekly shifts doing clinical care for the cats, volunteers will be trained); email assist@lovekuchingproject.org. If you want to help with outreach (i.e. cat therapy!), email outreach@lovekuchingproject.org. If you can’t commit to regular volunteering but still want to help, try the ad hoc clean/play shifts.

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