[Adopt] Nougat the sweet playful tabby kitten from Tuas fire station

It’s finally time for Nougat to go home!
Could I be part of your family?

Nougat is a 3 month old tabby kitten with a sweet, energetic personality who has grown leaps and bounds since her rough start in life.

Nougat when she was a helpless wee one
Nougat was found at Tuas fire station at one week old with her umbilical cord still attached. Abandoned by the mother cat, she wouldn’t have survived very long. Her rescuers, who are also our veteran foster care volunteers, Diana and Rashid, brought her into their home and fed kitten milk replacement (KMR) regularly round the clock. She showed great will to survive and gained weight steadily.
With the help of foster siblings Jelly and Gizmo, Nougat was taught the tabby ways and soon she was gaining valuable inter-cat socialisation through play. This is important to cultivate early on so that kittens learn the rules of good cat behaviour around others. For example, if they bite too hard when playing, no one will play with them. So they learn to tone it down with playmates.
Gizmo’s the likelier one to entertain Nougat’s play

Usually kittens are fostered at the cattery when they have been weaned from bottle-feeding and successfully introduced to solid food. In Nougat’s case though, she transitioned into eating wet food just fine, but was found to have diarrhoea and vomiting time and again, especially when it got close to an appropriate time to return! 

After vet visits and close supervision, her fosterers narrowed the cause down to Nougat having a sensitivity towards the Addiction Brushtail wet canned food, which is the regular brand the cats at the cattery eat. She is now eating Zealandia Brushtail with no problems.

Feather toys are a reliable favourite of monkey kittens

She is quite the active kitten and will be well suited to a household with other cats. She is playful, with has lots of energy to expend and a playmate will keep her happy and out of trouble. This means she is not quite the lap cat although she will come and sit quietly with you on her own terms. She will bring much joy and fun to the home with her eagerness to play and interact with others.

Play with me?

Nougat has been dewormed, vaccinated, litter-trained, and socialised, but note that the adopters must agree to have her neutered. If you’d like to adopt Nougat, please 1) read and be ready to respond to the adoption questionnaire, 2) download and fill the adoption agreement form, and 3) send your answers and form to Diana at adopt@lovekuchingproject.org. Note that an adoption fee will apply. Any questions can be directed to Diana; please do not contact Elaine at this time.

Air hug!
If you love cats but cannot adopt, consider volunteering with us! We need more volunteers in foster care (roving or weekly shifts doing clinical care for the cats, volunteers will be trained); email lkpfostercare@gmail.com. If you want to help with outreach (i.e. cat therapy!), email outreach@lovekuchingproject.org. If you can’t commit to regular volunteering but still want to help, try the ad hoc clean/play shifts.
Help my fellow felines at the cattery?

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