[Volunteer] Recruitment: Executive Assistant

About volunteering in LKP
In Love Kuching we always have ad hoc volunteering opportunities such as play/clean volunteering. However the dynamo of the organisation is really our team of long-term volunteers whom we call volunteers with portfolio (yes, we took the idea from government!) Our organisation is structured like many others: division of labour into various departments, such as front-line work e.g. Foster Care, and back-end corporate services such as Marketing.
Yes! We volunteer to be slaves to these cuties…

About the Executive Assistant role
We are always looking to recruit more talent into our fold. This post is about our need to recruit another Executive Assistant. We presently have only one EA, and now need another as we continually expand our work.
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What does an Executive Assistant do? The work is somewhat like that of the secretaries to CEOs or Chief of Staff to US presidents: a combination of administration and coordination of strategic projects and processes, that are necessary to improve the productivity of our work for the cats we serve.

You will be assisting a member of the senior management, in the portfolios they are serving in. Our current Executive Assistant is attached to Diana who is managing Foster Care and Operations. You will be attached to our president Elaine Chiam, who is presently involved in senior management portfolios such as leadership development; she is also hoping to immerse in other portfolios such as fundraising when we can successfully recruit a new Executive Assistant.

Requirements for the role of Executive Assistant
You will be someone who has either interest in or experience with management functions such as coordinating projects, programmes and processes. You could be someone who works in such a role in your day job, or someone who studies or enjoys learning about nonprofit management.

As an Executive Assistant, you are a natural achiever, someone who makes great ideas happen from concept to completion. You are a doer. You enjoy making new things happen for the cause of animal welfare. Some of these are big tasks, but there will be humble errands too. You love to help others achieve their goals, not just your own. Our first Executive Assistant, Yishu, sees himself as a minion to cat minions.

In LKP, everyone pitches in

Because you will be helping Elaine in taking care of the leaders of LKP — the core people who do the most work in the organisation — you are inclined towards improving leadership capacities. You not only want to serve cats, you also want to show your appreciation for those who volunteer to serve cats. You want to help them achieve more by enacting new practices that can boost their skills, make their work more efficient, and motivate them continually for the long haul.

You do not have to commit to a roster; work will either be done on your own or in meetings with that you help to arrange. A lot of work will be done via direct messages and emails.

Requirements for all LKP volunteers with portfolio
Your mindset is what we recruit from. We want people who are initiated: you will always take responsibility to do what is required of you, and even more. You are also someone loyal to the LKP brand: how and who we rescue, how we spread awareness through programmes like cat therapy. We love people who are positive, who radiate energy and commitment. You won’t be too afraid of failing, and are open to hearing constructive feedback. You are teachable, and willing to learn and grow in your strengths.

It is about the attitude, not your qualifications

What you will gain as an LKP volunteer with portfolio
Many volunteers say that LKP is their second home, their safe place, where they can relieve the stresses of daily life. This is what we want for you too. LKP is a fun, loving, and diverse family of cat lovers who are positive thinking and full of energy.

Happy crazy cat-loving LKP family
What you will learn as an Executive Assistant
Apart from the team managers, the Executive Assistant role is the only one that gives you the most face-time to learn from the best folks in Love Kuching. You will be coached as you work, and mentored in your personal development goals. Also, you will have a direct role in making great things happen for not only LKP, but the landscape of the animal welfare group sector.

If you think you might be our new Executive Assistant, write an email to elaine@lovekuchingproject.org and tell Elaine your interests, your educational qualifications, your work and/or volunteering experiences, your passions. Ask any questions you would like about this recruitment if you need to.

If you know someone who fits this description, send them this recruitment post and matchmake us please!

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