Debut: Three Kittens from Kallang

Our latest three debutants were discovered, motherless, in the carpark of Kallang theatre when they were just five days old in end May. Their rescuer kept them warm and passed them to our foster care volunteer on the same day, who hand-raised them at home until the cattery’s kitten suite freed up in September. You’ve seen glimpses of them at our events, you may even have held them or given them a stroke or two. Now they are ready to meet the world and join their forever families!


Ida is very affectionate and just wants to cuddle up on your face. Of the three, she is the most dependent on human contact, and when she wishes to be picked up and cuddled, she will tell you so very loudly. She loves having her face cupped in your hands while you rub her cheeks gently, and will purr endlessly when you do that. This little debutante really knows the spa life is where it’s at.

Ida’s favourite sort of toy is the kind she can kick around and chase on the floor. She once leapt off some furniture onto the top of a door and had to ask for help getting down, then did it all over again. That said, she is generally well-behaved, which (for a kitten) is saying a lot!

She took some time to get used to the cattery, but Poe helped her along by smacking her once or twice, which shook the foster-homesickness right out of her. Ida gets along well with older cats as she submits easily. She would do well in a household with doting humans who can give her the attention she craves.


Edith was the first of her litter to toddle beyond her fosterer’s room while her siblings were still stumbling around in the early phases of kittenhood. Her curiosity has certainly led to things being knocked over and kittens being stuck in small spaces! Edith would do well with a playmate to indulge her playfighting habit and keep her out of trouble. This cheeky adventurer had a funny habit of running away with the kitchen sponge and her fosterer had to hide it in various spots to thwart her sponge thievery.

But Edith knows how to love as hard as she plays. Like her sister, she loves to snuggle. Her signature move which makes all the humans swoon is kneading and suckling in your shirt, then softly meowing at you and curling up to sleep under your chin with her purr motor running. She is aware of her charms and will be generously unfazed if you bury your face in her soft tummy fur. 

Edith’s charm and moxie is sure to turn the most skeptical of housemates into cat lovers. Just make sure to give her plenty of playtime and hide your kitchen sponges and you’ll be rewarded with a purring scarf with a Zorro mask. Very fetching.


Our final debutant is technically a kitten but has been described as “a tiny old man.” He likes looking out the window, rolling around in sunbeams, and curling up next to or on near someone’s butt. He’s very chill…except when you get between him and his food. Miles loves his food. Once, Miles sniffed out an unattended packet of sample kibble and he munched through a cloth bag and plastic packaging just to get to it.

The most independent of the bunch, Miles will wander over for a cuddle or snooze and walk away when he’s done with laptime. But when his kitten side emerges, his favourite toys are feather toys that he can jump to chase. This mellow fellow with an old soul would do well in a laidback household where he can get an equal balance of personal time, playtime, and snuggletime.

All three love being cuddled and held, and have been socialised to get along with other cats. They have good appetites and will sometimes follow humans around for a bit of attention or to see what you’re up to. Other times, they will be found sleeping in a pile of gently breathing kitten bellies. If you’re really lucky, once in a while all three will squeeze onto your lap and gaze at you while you talk, looking for all the world like they only have eyes for you.

These debutants are looking for forever families who will love and care for them as they grow into the cats they were meant to become. They have been dewormed and vaccinated and are well-socialised for home life.

Interested adopters should read and follow our adoption guidelines. If Diana thinks you could be a good fit, she will arrange an audience between you and the debutant/s so you can check each other out. (As we are all volunteers with day jobs on top of shelter work, we ask for your patience if we take a few days to respond.)

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