Important Announcement: Our DBS Ideal Bank Account Status

We were at DBS Bank at Parkway Parade today because we have a new committee term coming up — our date of incorporation as a Registered Society is on 26 Dec 2013 — and there will be a change of bank signatories as some committee members step down while others step up.

However we found out that DBS had closed our current account number 027-905975-3 on 18 Dec and cut us a cashier’s order of our remaining balance of over $3K. Our last 2 donations were standing instructions of $50 each on 18 Dec, which we received email notifications of.

That said, the DBS teller tried her best to help us and we truly appreciate her assistance. Meanwhile, we are working towards getting a new bank account up and running but this will take between 5 and 8 working days. Please bear with us until that is ready to be announced.

For now, all funds transfer to and from our account — DBS current account 027-905975-3 — will no longer be active. For donors whose standing instructions to our DBS account that are actionable after the 18th of every month, we will not be able to receive your donation via our Love Kuching Project DBS account this month.

Cat angels who would like to make donations over Christmas, you can cut a crossed cheque out to Love Kuching Project and mail it to us: contact Elaine via SMS at 90880675 or email Deborah at to ask for our address. Or you can donate cat food and litter for our current kitties via Polypet.

Please rest assured that we will update everyone with our new account number on all our online social channels and website as soon as we have new bank account details, so that you may reinstate your monthly donations that help us pay our rental.

Donors whose mobile numbers are in our directory will be updated via SMS from Elaine, our president. In the meantime, all donors can contact Elaine via SMS or phonecall at 90880675 for further information. We sincerely regret all the inconvenience that this bank matter has caused all of you. Your support is important to us.

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