[Adopt] Keira and Kafka, the Wonder Twins

Looking for the purr-fect pair of playful twins to liven up your home? Look no further than here, because Keira and Kafka are in town!

Keira and Kafka were rescued from Sungei Kadut, after their mother was killed by a stray dog. When they first came, they were quiet and a little shy, but it didn’t take long for them to realize that the cattery was theirs for the taking! Keira and Kafka soon began staking their claim, running around and climbing cages, batting the tails of other cats for fun, stealing food–and our hearts–along the way!

Peekaboo! It’s me, Keira!

Keira is the leader of the two, often putting Kafka in his place during fights, pinning him down and swatting him on the head. She’s fiery and talkative, and loves meowing to let people know to pay attention to her and give her cuddles… before she gets distracted by a toy and runs off again.

Kafka looking ready to pounce!

Kafka, while every bit as playful and eager as his sister, has a mellower side to him, often being the first to doze off after a playing session. He’s also the bigger eater of the two, often sneaking bites from other cats’ food bowls, and sometimes even climbing onto the counter to “help” with food prep!

This dynamic duo always liven up the cattery with their boundless energy. They know how to keep themselves busy, and are content with even the simplest of toys. They’re also curious and mischievous, always being the first to poke their nose into something new!

Keira and Kafka would do well in a house with other pets, or a house that’s all to themselves! They’ve been seen playing with our other kitten admission, Tiny Tim, and are quick to get used to the presence of other cats.

Kafka and Tim having a battle! Raar!

Besides being high energy, both Keira and Kafka also love being snuggled, and are happy to be picked up! Kafka in particular, loves sitting on shoulders and surveying his kingdom. Both kittens are free-spirits with wild souls, so if you’re looking for a devilishly adorable set of twin terrors, Keira and Kafka could be the pair for you!

Resting after a hard day of playing.

For interested adopters, do read through our adoption page and answer our adoption questionnaire. If you have any questions regarding the adoption process, or these two adorable rascals, please read the info on the adoption page carefully and answer the adoption questionnaire. Any questions can be sent to Diana at adopt@lovekuchingproject.org. She will screen responses to the questionnaire and contact suitable prospective adopters for a visit to the cattery.

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