[Adopt] Russ, the Tuxedo Kitten

Are you looking for the best cat son who gets along with bigger cats and will forever love you? Meet Russ.

Russ is a Tuxedo kitten with white patches on all four paws that resemble little finger gloves, and a heart bigger than his tiny body.

He was found abandoned in a box outside of a condominium when he was a month old, and not in great shape: he was heavily constipated, and as a result of rough living, he was full of worms. Thanks to his foster parents, Russ is now doing much better.

Friendly with bigger cats, Russ has been known to snuggle with bigger, fluffier cats and use them as his pillow while they look at him fondly (or resignedly). He also loves to jump on other adult cats and engage in play with them, usually trying to play with their tails. However, he’s also able to entertain himself, spending long periods of time wrestling with his favourite kitty toy.

He is a very affectionate cat and needs many cuddles. When he wants to he will seek out his foster parents for a nap, climbing onto their shoulders and kneading their necks before he falls asleep. The tiny claws hurt but hey, who can complain about a neck massage?

He’s tiny in size, but big on climbing, napping and being carried around like a small child. He already has a fan club amongst our volunteers and made his debut as a cat model to rave reviews at our most recent event A Valentine’s Fairytail @ CHIJMES, where he, alongside his kitty comrades helped raise money for the Love Kuching Project. He’s also proven to be very good as a therapy cat, and is patient with people of all ages.

If you think Russ is the cat son you have been looking all your life, you’re in luck. Russ is up for adoption! He has been fully dewormed and vaccinated. Please read the info on the adoption page carefully and answer the adoption questionnaire. Any questions can be sent to Diana at adopt@lovekuchingproject.org. She will screen responses to the questionnaire and contact suitable prospective adopters for a visit to the cattery.

Can’t adopt? Please consider donating and sharing our donation appeals. As a tiny, not-for-profit shelter, we rely on donations and volunteers in order to keep rescuing and rehabilitating community cats that need help. Rent and medical bills are high and any amount helps.

You can also sign up to volunteer at our shelter for a one-time play/clean session, or write to assist@lovekuchingproject.org for long-term volunteer opportunities.

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