We’ve upgraded our website and blog to make it more user-friendly for you, our community of donors, rescuers and volunteers!

Our blog has now merged with our website, and we’ve redesigned the site to make it more responsive and mobile-friendly for our community. Besides that, we’ve also added more resources and information for everything our community needs – from how to donate, to the cats we are currently caring for, as well as information, resources and more for rescuers.

The resources that we host on our webpage are important as we strive to continue to make a change to the cats in our lives and neighbourhoods. Being able to understand, at a glance, how you can support us with our mission to help the community cats in Singapore is pivotal, and we’ve made sure that nearly everything our community needs can be accessed through the tiny screen you’re holding right now! (Or big screen, if you’re using a desktop or laptop.)

To make sure that you will always find what you need, we’ll also continue to keep our old blog archived.

It’s no coincidence that, on this day in 2010, our founders Elaine and Andy announced that they would expand their focus beyond the 50 blocks they cared for when they first started Ubi Kuching Project in 2009.

We’ve come a long way since — from starting our first cat therapy program in 2013, to being nominated for the President’s Volunteerism and Philanthropy Awards in 2017!

Still, our premise and action to love the cats in our lives and neighbourhoods will remain the same, as it has been the last 10 years. This decade has been a fantastic journey, and we’re proud to have grown with our community of volunteers, donors and rescuers.

Check out how you can support us by being a long-term volunteer with portfolio here! If you are interested in giving instead, head here to take a look at the shelter cats you can support under the Adopt-A-Cage programme.