Adopt: Valencia, formerly feisty feline from Boon Lay

In the expanse of a single twin bed, Valencia prowls; his agile frame on the hunt for one and only one thing — food. His fosterer pauses nearby, with a can of FirstMate, one of the only few brands Val can eat because of his allergy to carrageenan. The feisty furboy starts to meow.

Four-year-old Valencia — inspired by a Spanish city and its eponymous football club — is active, food-motivated and an endearingly energetic four-year-old. He first came from a Boon Lay neighbourhood after being found in the area abandoned, hungry and afflicted with fleas; his rescuer also suspected that he had an allergy, common amongst cats that have some form of pedigree background.

It takes more than a can of food a day to keep Val’s hunger away!
Despite being part Bengal, Valencia isn’t very active. [Don’t worry, we got him back into the cattery after realising he wasn’t the type of cat to go on a leash!]

He could pass off as a tiny version of a Siberian tiger if you saw him in the wild. Val’s fading spots and swirls are a hint of his Bengal past and he has the character to go along with it — he’s a big cat, with a big heart. He’s the utter manja tiger that will greet you when you come home from work, demanding skritches and lots of love!

Val is also an avid water-drinker — a good thing, especially in Singapore’s warm climate!

Val loves treats! But he might get too overstimulated.

It’s difficult to see which parts of his personality stem from his Bengal heritage and which parts come from the poor habits he gained in kittenhood.

While Val has some tendencies to nip when he is overstimulated or anxious,  he’s sure to bloom if he’s given enough time and space to grow! Too much attention (especially pats) may cause Val’s ears to flatten in a sign of annoyance; Val also has a tendency to swish his tail when he is unhappy, as if to say “leave me alone!”. He may also continue to exhibit some separation anxiety — but he can be alone for hours at a time as long as he is fed.

Because of his impulses, Val isn’t suitable for families with multiple cats, the elderly or children (under 12). Valencia is also FIV+ and is therefore only suited to live with another cat that is also FIV+ (though adopters with no cats would have an easier time integrating him into their homes!) He’ll also need a special carrageenan and kelp derivative-free diet.

Click here to find out how to adopt Val and to submit your adoption questionnaire! You can also follow Val’s shenanigans with his fosterer here.


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