Adopt: Ida, the mellow sweetheart from Kallang Theatre

Seeing Ida pad leisurely up to visitors and purr contentedly when they stroke her cheek, it’s hard to picture her as a once-helpless kitten.

You’re tempted to rub your hand against her face; she purrs in contentment as a result. Satisfied with the attention, the two-year-old leisurely saunters off and sits, facing the glass doors of her foster home, sunlight illuminating her.

Along with her siblings Edith and Miles, Ida was found abandoned in a carpark outside Kallang Theatre and hand-raised by a senior LKP foster care volunteer until September 2017, when they were weaned and brought to live in the cattery.

Little Ida

Ida was well-behaved in her kittenhood, affectionate, cuddly and very dependent on human contact. She would ask to be picked up and cuddled, and as volunteers loved her. While most kittens turn our cattery upside down while treating it as a racecourse, Ida didn’t scratch or bite, and rarely climbed up to high places, habits that she has retained as an adult.

As black cats, we were worried that Miles and Ida would not be as easily adopted as other kittens. All three called the cattery home for a few months. Eventually, Ida and Edith’s sweet natures won over an adopter, who brought them home. 

Miles – note his resemblance to Ida!
Edith as a small kitten

That was when tragedy struck. Miles fell ill to complications from Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV) which he had caught from his mother, and soon after when Edith fell sick, our worst fears were confirmed: all three of them tested positive for the virus.

There was a constant fear that Ida would succumb to the same complications in the months after. She was returned to us from the adopter; then she spent time at one foster home before her current fosterer took her in.

Today, Ida has grown a resilient and optimistic feline – her favourite pastimes include sitting on her favourite couch while watching a blank television and philosophising about life while staring out of the window. 

She enjoys being stroked all over her sleek black coat and will head-butt people to show affection.

This affectionate sweetheart will also run enthusiastically to greet her fosterers at the door when they return home.  While not a snuggly lap cat, Ida bravely tolerates being carried (she will only groan softly in protest) as well as allow hoomans to do less pleasant things such as having her nails clipped and being put into a carrier.

Ida also loves has a playful side! Switch a laser-pointer on and this typically mellow kitty will reveal her feline instincts as she ‘hunts’ the specks of light on the floor. Ping-pong balls and bouncy toys are also adored and appreciated.

Ida posing for her official portrait

While Ida has been well cared for in various foster homes and the cattery, she is now a 2-year old debutante and it is time for her to find a forever home with a loving owner can promise to look after her for the rest of her life.  Because Ida is FeLV+, she is not suitable to be in a home with other cats that are not FeLV positive.

Despite her diagnosis, Ida doesn’t exhibit any signs of illness and remains a healthy, active kitty with a gorgeous silky black coat and stunning green-yellow eyes.

Food is not a problem as Ida is not a picky-eater and is incredibly food motivated. if you forget to feed her twice a day, she’ll meow to remind you when it’s mealtime!

If you can’t get enough of Ida, check out her Instagram @ida_the_meow_cat! Updated by her current fosterer, the page documents cute everyday photos of Ida and the antics she gets up to.

If you’re keen to welcome Ida into your home, tap here to submit an adoptions questionnaire!


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