Adopt: The Astoria kittens, from a posh neighbourhood in Kembangan

For a cat with such an atas name, Astoria and her babies didn’t have a sweet start.

Three of the babies sleeping in a pile

A rescuer initially found Astoria and her litter in a posh Kembangan neighbourhood, where they faced complaints by residents and were threatened with forceful removal by condominium management.

Her rescuer – who had her hands full with rescues of her own – alerted us through a rescue request, and we recommended that she try to seek out a fosterer. The rescuer eventually introduced us to their new fosterer, and we agreed to support her by putting up the kittens for adoption, supplying her with a cage, and sponsoring vaccination and other veterinary costs.

When they were first found, Astoria and her kittens Ashy, Tory, Riley and Connor were skinny and malnourished. The fosterer even thought that Astoria might only be nine months old!

With a little love, attention and kitten food — they’ve become quite the boisterous bunch, exactly what we expect of kittens their age.

Ashy is the explorer that will inspire you – you don’t need to look further if you’re on the lookout for a potential adventure cat. 

Bold and adventurous, this future alpha female is lively and not afraid of going to new places! She often leads her siblings along, which may suggest a more dominant personality. 

Parrot or cat? If you enjoy playing dress up as Captain Jack Sparrow and need a sidekick, Tory would be just the girl you’re looking for.

She prefers the company of humans, rather than other cats. Some days she tends to treat humans as a jungle gym, climbing up and perching on them. She’s an adorable little explorer. 

She’s lucky that she’s got the metabolism of a kitten. Riley has a bit of a reputation for being the greedy one. Don’t let those cries and adorable face fool you!

An alluring grifter, Riley often serenades our volunteers into giving her more food. She’s however more shy and timid; she’s taken some time to get out of her shell, and is now more keen on exploring the cattery!

Connor’s the boy that’s resisting your hugs while accepting your treats – toying with our hearts the entire time!

Shy and reserved despite being the only boy in the squad, he is vocal about his food and very independent! He was previously called Noisey for his sonorous meows, and is likely more food-motivated than his siblings. 

Mama Astoria, looking regal

Finally, there’s mama Astoria. She’s friendly, often compared to doggie counterparts, and very attached to humans. After being neutered, she shed her maternal instincts, allowing her personality to make an appearance. She’s smart and can be trained to follow rules, and these traits were what won her adopter over!

Even though mama Astoria’s already found a home sweet home, you can still meet her babies if you come down to Love Kuching Project’s 10th anniversary pop up at the Moon!

We’ll be at The Moon Bookstore & Cafe located at 37 Mosque Street from 12pm to 3pm on August 18th — and you’ll get to interact with some of Astoria’s kittens in person and talk to our volunteers about how you can bring them home!

You can also bring them home by submitting an adoptions questionnaire. Find out how to do so by clicking here.

See you there!


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