River and Pat, a tale of two injuries

River, who suffered from a paw that was going necrotic, and Pat, who had to recover from a large gash in his shoulder, spent the month of August with us.

While Pat still needs a fosterer as the office building he lives in will be renovated, River has been released back into her neighbourhood! Here are their stories:

River over the water
River exploring her new suite

Five-year-old River lies silently in her litter box. Her soulful emerald eyes blink slowly at us.

River had been recovering from a traumatic accident which caused a gaping wound on her hind leg. The wound was necrotic, and could cause gangrene on her whole paw, which would have led to its amputation.

River likes to hang out in her box

Though the vet was able to rescue most of her leg, one toe had to be amputated and she received multiple stitches on her hind leg and remaining toes.  

In a neighbouring cage lay Pat, a friendly 3-year-old neighbourhood tom from an Alexandra commercial office space. He was found at 2 a.m. on a balmy July night, with a huge, bleeding gash that required immediate medical attention.

Warded for a week at Mount Pleasant Whitley for medical care, he had a huge, bleeding gash on his left shoulder and an injury to his front left paw that required him to be monitored at Love Kuching as his injuries healed. 

Pat the satellite dish

River and Pat are two of Love Kuching’s community cat rescues. Their rescuers found them in dire straits and reached out to us for assistance. Thanks to their prompt responses, our two furry lodgers have tided over their worst hours and been given a new lease of life.

Our ability to help community cats in need is unfortunately circumscribed by the cattery’s limited capacity. 

Though we try our best to admit cats in need, we can only admit a handful of cats at a time in order to provide them with enough space, medical attention and follow-up care.

Once the cats have been nursed back to health, they are discharged to allow us to accommodate new patients in the cattery.

In most cases, we release cats back to their original neighbourhoods, where they feel most at home and are often cared for by residents.

River has since made a full recovery, and was released last Tuesday (August 27) at the basement carpark where she used to live near the Serangoon River. She’s happy in her old home, and we hope she will stay safe and healthy!

Iris, our day volunteer, bids River farewell
River at her old home, a basement HDB carpark

For Pat, the building he lives in will soon undergo renovation, and his rescuer thinks it may no longer be safe for him. With development constantly occurring in Singapore, it is not unusual for environments to be disrupted by construction, and cats that return to an unfamiliar environment may react differently.

Pat, our chonky boi lounging at the fridge
Pat high on catnip (don’t try this at home!)

His rescuer has requested that he be released in the meantime, but we are still trying hard to find a fosterer (or adopter!) for the sweet and friendly boy.

If you can foster Pat, do send an email to assist@lovekuchingproject.org or DM us on Instagram and Facebook and we will put you in touch with the rescuer. 

To help us rescue more cats like River and Pat, do send us a donation through the Adopt-A-Cage program here, or click on the links below to support us!


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