Meet Hitam, the grand dame at Love Kuching

Poised impeccably upon a tower of cushions, Hitam gazes across the cattery from her royal perch.

Calm and confident, this is a cat in her element here at Love Kuching Project.

A Hitam with her natural blep

But her pre-cattery life was not a bed of roses.

Rescued from under a HDB in Ang Mo Kio, Hitam had liver problems, multiple throat ulcers, and tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).

As she lived near a kindergarten, she was not welcome in the community partly due to fears and misunderstandings from her matted fur, haggard look and her condition. (FIV is not transmissible to humans).

After receiving complaints from residents, the Town Council called the Housing & Development Board (HDB) to have her removed. Her community caretaker reached out to us and we managed to take her into the cattery in September 2017.

How can you remove this cute face?

In the years since her arrival, Hitam has become a popular resident cat and has clinched the coveted position as our website’s cookie mascot!

A constant presence, but cute!

Our website’s pop-up notification honours our cattery’s oldest resident and depicts her unique tuxedo markings — a white spot on her chin and a splash of white on her chest — that makes it look like she’s an elegant goatee-shod aristocat wearing a cravat.

Looking like royalty…
despite sporting a ridiculous furball

Hitam doesn’t just look the part. At mealtimes, she prefers to daintily dip her paw into her food bowl and lick the slurry off – it’s as though she’s eating with her hands!

Hitam interacting with a bowl of wet food

Gentle with humans, she zeroes in on anyone sitting on the floor and loves to climb into their laps, sitting silently and enjoying plenty of petting and cuddling.

bleps in lap~

She also has a constant blep — her tongue is constantly sticking out because of her ulcers and dental issues.

As Hitam is fairly old, Love Kuching Project will be her forever home where she will be well taken care of till the end.

Hitam with that cute blep again
Who put that piece of fluff on my head?!

Right now, Hitam is enjoying life at our shelter with plenty of warm soft laps to nest on and her favourite Ciao Churu treats!

Our matriarch is living her best pawssible life, thanks her rescuers, our dedicated volunteers, and of course, our donors.

If you would like to help Hitam and other cats like her, please check out our Adopt-a-Cage Programme! By adopting a cage, you’ll be supporting critically injured or sick community cats who are currently at the Love Kuching cattery.


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